LBD + Certificates of Authenticity

Hi again! First of all, sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’ve been pretty busy in the last weeks working on many projects. However, I get some time between jobs to finish this personal piece, ‘The Little Black Dress’, my particular ode to the timeless garment all girls have in our closet, full of fresh ink strokes and my well-known Parisian love. ;)

'The Little Black Dress' by Cristina Alonso
The Little Black Dress

And the best part: 300 gold foil postcards based on this illustration. Nothing more and nothing less!! From now, all purchases in my shop will receive one of these fancy Certificates of Authenticity as an exclusive gift *with LOVE*.

I’ve been really excited preparing all this. Do you like them? ;)


'Postcards' by Cristina Alonso
Postcards / Certificates of Authenticity


Each certificate is hand signed and dated by me, in order to guarantee the authenticity of your prints.


'Postcards' by Cristina Alonso
Postcards / Certificates of Authenticity (Front & Back)

And here you can watch a mini video to see the result:



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