'Vespa' by Cristina Alonso

Last week was the 12th anniversary with the man of my life.
Sometimes I think a million things have happened in the latest twelve years, and sometimes I think that time together has been shorter than a sigh.

Be that as it may, I feel the luckiest woman on Earth sharing my day to day with someone as brilliant as him. He is one of a kind. He is my best friend, with whom I can talk and share everything, and with whom I can be in silence and feel more confortable than with anyone.

He is my travel companion and I am beyond thankful for discovering together the chaotic and inimitable adventure that life is.

Thank you very much for letting me share a piece of my heart!

Illustrations for Flora Delivery (I)

'Blooming Paris' by Cristina Alonso
‘Blooming Paris’
'London in Bloom' by Cristina Alonso
‘London in Bloom’ by Cristina Alonso
'Flower of New York' by Cristina Alonso
‘Flower of New York’
'Endless Sprint in Moscow' by Cristina Alonso
‘Endless Sprint in Moscow”
'Flora Delivery box' by Cristina Alonso
‘Flora Delivery box’

Cristina Alonso x The Dairy: The collections grows! (Limited Edition)

Cristina Alonso x The Dairy
The Dairy Mother’s Day Collection (Image © Charli Burrowes, via The Dairy)

Yes YES! ;) The Dairy is launching today their Mother’s Day collection with a lot of new cases, including two beautiful new ones by me. Hooray!

Say hello to ‘Wanderlust‘ and ‘Rouge Passion‘ (calling all travelers and makeup lovers!), two fresh designs available as unique (and very limited edition) cases UNTIL THE END OF THIS MONTH ONLY!

Cristina Alonso x The Dairy
‘Wanderlust’ & ‘Rouge Passion’ New Phone Cases


So… go and get the case of your dreams here before they’re sold forever!

Cristina Alonso x The Dairy
‘Wanderlust’ (Image © Charli Burrowes, via The Dairy)


Cristina Alonso x The Dairy
‘Wanderlust’ (Image © Charli Burrowes, via The Dairy)

Cristina Alonso X The Dairy
Cristina Alonso X The Dairy

Each case is 25€ (40$AUD) + FREE worldwide shipping. Spoil yourself! :) <3 Exclusively at The Dairy.

Wanderlust + Sales


'Wanderlust' by Cristina Alonso


wanderlust: -n. A very strong and irresistible impulse or desire to travel the World.

Yes, here it is! ‘Wanderlust’, first illustration of the year, my little tribute for all those who love travelling!! (needless to say I’m one of those people ).

And… surprise! I’m launching a Limited Edition Art Print from this beauty, available for preorder at my shop:

‘Wanderlust’ is digitally printed on 300 gsm, high quality laid paper, measures an A3 + (32 x 46 cm / 12.6 x 18.11 inches) including a white border for framing, and is packaged inside a plastic sleeve and wrapped carefully in a bend proof envelope for a safe journey.

Feel the World!


'Wanderlust' by Cristina Alonso
‘Wanderlust’ Print

And, I almost forget… it’s SALES time! Yes, starting from today, exciting and fresh offers in my shop. Get 10€ discount when you spend at least 35€, plus one random mini-print for FREE! * Just enter code 2016 at checkout!!

* Offer Expires next Jan 15 11:59 PM CET.

Happy shopping!


Cristina Alonso Sales