So You Want to Be a Fashion Illustrator? (Tuts+)

Oh My Boy! by Cristina Alonso

So You Want to Be a Fashion Illustrator?

Mary Winkler from Tuts+ has recently interviewed nearly a dozen of illustrators -including me- about our roles and work within the world of fashion illustration. In this article she explores our histories in the way of project experience, what artists need to know to create fashion illustrations, what makes good fashion illustrations, and more!

I receive a lot of emails and questions on social networks from people asking me how to be a Fashion Illustrator. If you’re a bit lost or you are just curious, consider this article a great mini guide to working as a fashion illustrator ;).


Love XX.


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  1. Hola Cristina, wow felicidades por tus obras, quisiera saber como puedo adquirir permiso para utilizar tus dibujos en invitaciones digitales personalizadas. Mil gracias por tod0

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