Illustrations for J’dez Beauty (I)

I think that seeing my drawings is enough to conclude that I am a beauty lover (beauty addict would be more accurate). I have always loved perfume ads, cosmetics in general and lipsticks in particular.

So, when Jackie Hernandez’s brand, J’dez Beauty (made in USA) got in touch with me a few months ago, I couldn’t be happier. They wanted me to develop the ideas and illustrate the packaging of their first line of liquid matte lipsticks, and yeah, there is nothing better that working on projects that you are passionate about.

The project not only required an illustration able to link the four sides of the boxes with a single design, but also show very well the personality of each lipstick.

Apple Poison, the first, is an intense rouge like the apple of a fairy tale. Dramatic, a bit dark and sexy. On the opposite, Daydream is an innocent and naïve pink, all fantasy and light.

Pics of enchanted forests and the Snow White’s story filled my mood board for Apple Poison. Sakura flowers in bloom, butterflies and unicorns, the one for Daydream.


Although there is much more work behind, I would like to share a small part of the process with you:

After working on my mood boards, this was my first proposal for ‘Apple Poisson’, with a garland of roses with thorns, reflecting that duality between beauty and danger (I always send to my clients this kind of sketches, and yes, they’re are incredibly basic and rough, but they work well for the sketch phase).

'Apple Poisson' Sketches for J'dez Beauty by Cristina Alonso
‘Apple Poisson’ Sketches for J’dez Beauty

Although the client liked the idea, she preferred the theme of the enchanted forest for the background, keeping the main figure, the mirror and the crow.

After some revisions, these were the designs approved:

Sketches for J'dez Beauty by Cristina Alonso
Sketches for J’dez Beauty. L. Apple Poisson. R. Daydream

During the process there are often changes in color palettes. I created an emerald green forest, in order to contrast the deep dark reds. The client preferred a background in coffee and earth shades.

'Apple Poison' (color variations) by Cristina Alonso
‘Apple Poisson’ color variations.

As you can see, both illustrations are designed to work in the boxes, linking all sides in a continuous design, respecting texts, logos and other elements that would be added later in the design phase.

Illustrated boxes (mockups) for J'dez Beauty by Cristina Alonso
Illustrated boxes (mockups) for J’dez Beauty. L. Apple Poisson. R. Daydream

They are also designed to work well on their own, to be reproduced for advertising and merchandising purposes.

'Apple Poison' by Cristina Alonso
‘Apple Poison’ for J’dez Beauty.
'Daydream' by Cristina Alonso
‘Daydream’ for J’dez Beauty,

Finally the designer worked on the final elements of design: the logo appears in a fancy 3D gold foil, and some elements have a UV varnishing effect.

Final design for J'dez Beauty
Illustrated packaging for J’dez Beauty.

And done! :)

'Apple Poison' & 'Daydream' Lipsticks
‘Apple Poison’ & ‘Daydream’ Lipsticks

I will be able to update with more product photos soon! Meanwhile, you can treat yourself and purchase these two beauties at: ;)

Hope you enjoyed the process!! Love Xx.

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Tiffany Blue (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

'Tiffany Blue' by Cristina Alonso
'Tiffany Blue' by Cristina Alonso
Tiffany Blue

Did you already knew I’m a big fan of Breakfast at Tiffany’s? (a fun fact: here in Spain, the title of this wonderful film is Desayuno con diamantes, something like ‘Breakfast with Diamonds‘). Since I can remember I always wanted to make a little tribute to Holly Golightly (yes! Audrey Hepburn lover here), using some Tiffany’s imagery: the blue box, this lovely coffee latte paper cup, and the legendary Oliver Goldsmith’s Manhattan sunglasses. Plus macarons, a pink diamond and a peony bouquet. Who needs anything more for breakfast? ;)

'Tiffany Blue' by Cristina Alonso
Tiffany Blue · WIP

In addition, I’m releasing a Limited Edition of A3+ prints of this illustration (all prints come now with a Certificate of Authenticity). Find all details at my shop and enjoy! ;)


'Tiffany Blue' by Cristina Alonso
Tiffany Blue


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LBD + Certificates of Authenticity

Hi again! First of all, sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’ve been pretty busy in the last weeks working on many projects. However, I get some time between jobs to finish this personal piece, ‘The Little Black Dress’, my particular ode to the timeless garment all girls have in our closet, full of fresh ink strokes and my well-known Parisian love. ;)

'The Little Black Dress' by Cristina Alonso
The Little Black Dress

And the best part: 300 gold foil postcards based on this illustration. Nothing more and nothing less!! From now, all purchases in my shop will receive one of these fancy Certificates of Authenticity as an exclusive gift *with LOVE*.

I’ve been really excited preparing all this. Do you like them? ;)


'Postcards' by Cristina Alonso
Postcards / Certificates of Authenticity


Each certificate is hand signed and dated by me, in order to guarantee the authenticity of your prints.


'Postcards' by Cristina Alonso
Postcards / Certificates of Authenticity (Front & Back)

And here you can watch a mini video to see the result:



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