‘Fashionably Delushous’ (Delush Polish)

Big news!!  In recent months I have been working with the amazing company Delush Polish, illustrating their campaing “Fashionably Delushous” Duo Set.

Delush Polish is a nail polish artisan brand based in Boston (USA) that provides unique colour combinations and a hand-blended formula to match.

Delush contacted to me before summer to create something extra special for theis next 2014 fall duo set, that also will be released in press, shop, beauty bloggers and celebrities.


The briefing was abour creating a ‘Delushous Goddess’ around 3 terms:

1) Lighting & Ambience:  Dramatic, moody yet colourful ( washes of colour in the background, DELUSH IS ABOUT COLOR).

2) The Dress: Flowing, drapery, elegance, beauty, sophistication (the idea of the glitter, something unique in delush, goddess style). Turquoise is the color of delush.

3) Hair & Details: Wind swept, delush polish logo embedded in hair. Polish bottles hanging from her ear as an earring. And of course… her nails painted in a familar Delush shade!


And this is the result:

Sed de Aventuras A3+ Deluxe Print

Sed de Aventuras A3+ Deluxe Print



Delush will be participating in the Luxury Gift Lounge in Honor of New York Fashion Week 2014!
The invitation-only luxury celebrity gift lounge is hosted by GBK Productions and will take place at an exclusive location in New York City. All attending celebrities and top media and press will receive Delush’s “Fashionably Delushous Duo Set” that also includes my exclusive artwork in a postcard: a Delushous Goddess. She is beautiful. She is timeless. She is You!
The set includes:
Fairest of Them All - A striking silver chrome that features a mesmerizing reflective finish. You definitely won’t need a mirror with this beauty on your fingertips.
Allure - A mysterious deep plum with a slight duo chrome effect that sparkles in the light.
Delushous Crystal Glass Nail File (mini).
Delushous Goddess postcard featuring exclusive artwork by Cristina Alonso.

ORDER NOW: http://www.delushpolish.com/delushously-fashionable-15ml-full-size-duo-set/

Thanks #delushpolish for trusting me with this job!




I’m pleased to announce that I’m working with a merchandise company: from now you can find my illustrations in Nuvango (originally GelaSkins)!!

Unique cases, hardcases & skins with style to decorate, protect and wrap around your electronics devices: iPhone, Ipad, Ipod, Mac, laptop, Samsung, Kindle… and much more!  The quality is amazing!

Find yours here: www.nuvango.com/cristinaalonso.


Estoy muy feliz de anunciar que estoy trabajando con una empresa de merchandising: ¡desde ahora podéis encontrar mis ilustraciones en  Nuvango (originariamente Gelaskins)!

Allí podréis encontrar deliciosas fundas y ‘skins’ para decorar y proteger vuestros dispositivos electrónicos: iPhone, ipad, ipod, Mac, laptop, Samsung, Kindle… ¡y muchos más! ¡Tienen una calidad impresionante y quedan preciosos!

Encuentra tu favorito aquí: www.nuvango.com/cristinaalonso

Nuvango-What a Mess

Nuvango-The Little Mermaid

Cristina Alonso-Nuvango01

paris-inside-3 (1)



Cristina Alonso-Nuvango05.

Bellice Magazine #3

Acaba de ser publicado el número #03 de Bellice Magazine, donde podréis encontrar una doble página con mi ilustración ‘Sea Secrets’, seleccionada por los editores entre muchos de los trabajos enviados. La encontraréis en las páginas 41-42 o en el siguiente enlace: Bellice #03.

¡Muchas gracias al equipo Bellice por su fantástico trabajo en este número! No dejéis de seguirles en sus redes sociales (Facebook,Twitter, Behance).