Cristina Alonso x The Dairy: The collections grows! (Limited Edition)

Yes YES! ;) The Dairy is launching today their Mother’s Day collection with a lot of new cases, including two beautiful new ones by me. Hooray! Say hello to ‘Wanderlust‘ and ‘Rouge Passion‘ (calling all travelers and makeup lovers!), two fresh designs available as unique (and very limited edition) cases UNTIL THE END OF THIS

Journée de la Muse (Maison Close) I

A sexy new work for luxe French lingerie label Maison Close! Maison Close is organizing on April 22nd an unique event, their first Journée de la Muse (litterally: The Day of the Muse), which will be a day dedicated to celebrating women and femininity. We teamed up to design a drawing that symbolize their “Muse”, evoking an old-fashioned

Henry London Mother’s Day Campaign

I recently had the great pleasure of working on a new illustration for British luxury brand Henry London and their Mother’s Day Campaign. My first contact with their watches really won my heart: their designs had the perfect balance between classic elegance and modern luxury (an essence of vintage-meets-modern design that I loved). See and enjoy ;) : And